iPhone & iPad Support All of our mailbox plans include support for Apple's iPhone & iPad with free ActiveSync.
BlackBerry Support Hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server from Maillabs provides identical features to a standard BES deployment, without the need for an in-house server and the associated costs.
SharePoint Collaboration Benefit from Enterprise Content Management, electronic forms, Microsoft Excel 2010 services & SharePoint integration.
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Exchange Mobile BlackBerry Hosted Blackberry Services

Hosted BlackBerry Features

Maillabs hosted BlackBerry® services provides the same features as a standard BlackBerry® Enterprise Server deployment, without the need to manage the server internally. This includes:

Management & Support

Realise lower administrative and support costs by managing user groups and role-based administrator access.

  • Centralised Administration Console - Manage all components of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution through a common interface.
  • Role-based Administration - Delegate tasks to administrators while ensuring strict control over access to sensitive operations. This allows senior IT administrators to assign administrative functionality to groups of administrators based on their job responsibilities.
  • Group-based Administration - Ease administrative tasks by assigning properties and performing tasks across groups, such as IT policies, email filters, application pushes, synchronization settings, access controls and software configurations.

Enterprise Instant Messaging

Boost productivity and responsiveness throughout your organization by providing mobile users with wireless access to enterprise instant messaging and presence awareness tools.

BlackBerry Mobile Data System

BlackBerry® Mobile Data System (BlackBerry MDS) dramatically reduces the amount of time and resources required to develop, deploy and manage wireless applications for mobile workers. It includes:

  • BlackBerry MDS Services - Manage interactions and requests between BlackBerry smartphones and enterprise applications
  • BlackBerry MDS Developer Tools - Create wireless applications for the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution
  • BlackBerry MDS Device Software - Enables applications built with BlackBerry MDS Developer Tools to run on BlackBerry smartphones

Security Enhancements

Protect your enterprise data with further enhancements to the already robust security features of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution:

  • PIN-to-PIN and SMS Message Auditing - Enables compliance with government regulations and provides a log of all phone calls
  • Support for S/MIME encrypted Email
  • Available BlackBerry® Smart Card Reader - Creates a secure, two-factor authenticated environment for granting access to BlackBerry and PKI applications

Other features include:

  • Support for hard deletes
  • Backup/restore of saved messages
  • SNMP monitoring enhancements
  • Enterprise device authorisation
  • Global Address List Visibility - Previously unavailable for hosted solutions, Maillabs enables customers to view their Global Address List on their BlackBerry devices
  • Hard delete e-mail reconciliation - Deleting a message in your Outlook will now instantly delete it on your BlackBerry. BlackBerry devices will now synchronise the move of a message to a personal folder within Outlook. Additional features supported include: "read", "deleted" and "sent" item synchronisation.
  • Attachment viewing pan and zoom enhancements - Supports "enlarge all" and "full image", enhanced PowerPoint® viewing & enhanced document viewing.
  • Compose, send, and receive e-mail wirelessly, 24x7 - Stay on top of your business no matter where you are - in the airport, in a taxi, in a conference or at a meeting with a client.
  • Instant and complete, cradle-free (wireless) synchronisation: E-mail, Calendar, Tasks, and Address Book - What you compose on your BlackBerry device will appear in your desktop Outlook or OWA, once synchronised
  • Receive e-mail attachments - Supported formats include: Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF, .ZIP and others. Document information and Tracked Changes supported.
  • View attached images - Supported formats include JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG and TIFF
  • Advanced BlackBerry Browser - Enhanced support for HTML tables and animated GIF images, including the ability to e-mail a URL
  • Full integration with Maillabs Microsoft Exchange hosting service - Provides users with an easy set-up of BlackBerry service
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